Last year $15 trillion was processed by retail merchants across the globe through traditional acquiring methods. Conservatively, this means commissions from acquiring were approximstely $300 billion. This leaves the door open for acquiring through new and innovative techniques. Inov8’s best-in-breed technology provides a solution for acquiring regardless of your geographic location’s acquiring requirements.

Card Acquiring via Agentmate

(Merchant Services)

Acquiring via Magnetic Card Reader

Inov8 offers a state of the art card reader device packaged with the AgentMate application. With the installation of Inov8’s magnetic card reader on any smartphone running AgentMate, it can be used as a POS terminal for traditional card payment transactions. It uses state of the art hardware based 3DES encryption and DUKPT Key Management which is PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant. All settlement/void functionalities are available as per VISA/MasterCard requirements. This acquiring method is used generally in North America and some areas in Middle East, Asia and Africa.

Acquiring via QR Codes

AgentMate allows the merchant/agent to scan QR codes, a functionality which is becoming increasingly popular for use in payment processing transactions. QR codes eliminate the chances of input errors in sensitive transactional data and drastically reduce the number of steps involved in a transaction. The QR code functionality can be used for payments from accounts / credit and debit cards, remittances, special offers, coupons, or disbursement transactions such as, flood relief, FMCG etc.

Acquiring via Chip and Pin

Increasing customer confidence by reducing fraudulent transactions.

Inov8 offers the latest card acquiring methods coupled with AgentMate application. AgentMate’s chip and pin feature is integrated with Inov8’s robust chip and pin reader via bluetooth technology. Inov8’s pocket sized reader is EMV compliant. When a customer wishes to pay for goods or services, the card is placed in the reader which accesses the chip on the card. After authentication of the card, the customer is prompted to enter his / her 4 digit PIN on the pinpad which approves the transaction, thereby increasing customer confidence via enhanced security. The chip and pin acquiring method is generally in use in Europe.

Acquiring via Chip Reader

The chip reader technology allows acceptance of EMV based chip cards, where entering the PIN is not a requirement - used generally in Asia, Middle East and Africa. The chip reader is compliant with all EMV standards and offers hardware encryption. The reader is placed in the 3.5 mm headphone jack of any smartphone and is ready to use with AgentMate.

Acquiring via Near Field Communication (NFC) Bump and Go!

AgentMate also features NFC for contactless payments, provided the agent has a NFC enabled handset. The use of NFC technology coupled with Mobile Money Payments is supposed to be the next frontier in payments technology. AgentMate NFC provides the end-user with complete control of protection features. Key features of AgentMate NFC technology:

  • Customers can choose the required payment tool from their digital wallet in case they have a smart phone app, or any contactless / NFC enabled card.
  • Customers with feature phones can use an AgentMate configured NFC sticker.
  • Agents can accept coupons, rewards and etc. via NFC as well.

Mobile Money

Agent Services

AgentMate incorporates a full mobile money suite into the application allowing for agent based services from the same application if required.

The following features are covered, but not limited to:

  • Cash withdrawal – Withdraw cash using the app, or use a dongle to swipe a card to do cash back.
  • Cash deposit / Topup of prepaid cards (i.e. Visa and Mastercard)
  • Over the counter remittances (OTC) sending and receiving
  • Account to OTC remittance receiving
  • Bill payments
  • Airtime Topup both international and local
  • International and domestic money remitances and transfers
  • All other supported mobile money transactions from the platform

Agent Specific Transactions

Transfer In/Transfer Out

Transfer money between your different banking accounts/credit cards and your mobile money agent account in a matter of seconds.

Agent Transfer

Cash transfer for the Agent hierarchy has become seamless with AgentMate. Area Agents can manage/monitor the cash in/outs of his sub agents and can transfer money to the sub agents within the hierarchy, as well as approving high value transactions.

Mini Statement

AgentMate incorporates an interactive mini statement view which shows last 10 transactions performed by the agent on his smartphone. The interface lists previous 10 transactions and tapping a transaction brings up a pop up with transaction details.

Detailed Transaction View

If an Agent wants to view a particular transaction at any given time, AgentMate provides a powerful search option in which the agent has to input the search parameter of a particular transaction and the details are populated within seconds.

Branchless Banking

AgentMate offers complete branchless banking suite which is designed to comply with global standards for branchless banking transaction processing making your transactions secure and seamless.

The following is a non-exhaustive list of features:

  • Level 0 Account Opening
  • Cash Deposit – Deposit cash directly into branchless banking accounts using the app
  • Cash Withdrawal – Withdraw Cash from the branchless banking account using the app
  • Cash to Cash Transfer – Transfer money from CNIC to CNIC
  • Account to Cash – Transfer money from branchless banking accounts to CNIC
  • Bill Payments
  • Airtime Top up

Account Opening

Using the native camera support, Agentmate facilitates account opening fulfilling necessary KYC requirements. This offers the users quick and easy registration, meeting regulatory compliance for mobile branchless banking account opening. Agentmate captures the user’s image, ID, and signature for complete verification.

  • Secure
  • Efficient
  • Reliable

Rewards and Loyalty

AgentMate has access to a state of the art loyalty and rewards platform. Customers will be able to redeem their rewards off of any channel at an agent location. Anytime a customer performs a transaction at an agent location the application can potentially keep track of key details. The following types of deal structures are included, but not limited to:

  • Visit and check-in based deals – This is similar to check in on Foursquare. Deals are based on check-ins and promotions. Customers attain greater offers / deals with more check-ins.
  • Deals based on specific cards, accounts, travel cards, etc. E.g. use your XYZ credit card at ABC merchant to get 10% off.
  • Deals based on preferences or via Falcon’s push platform.
  • Deals based on brands and structured retail outlets.
  • Online deals

Social Media Integration

AgentMate offers complete social integration (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.). Social media integration allows an easy route for agents and customers to share details, deals, coupons / rewards directly to social sites and timelines. These can be shared to your friend’s timelines as well for agent and merchant services.

Salient Features

Dynamic Menu Handling

Inov8’s AgentMate is a state of the art application which provides a rich user interface on smartphones for financial transactions. All user menus can be controlled by the backend platform.

Transaction Routing

AgentMate can integrate with any mobile money application or core banking middleware as it supports all communication protocols including but not limited to ISO8583 and SOAP. It is capable of handling and routing any input parameters via GPRS/EDGE/3G/LTE to and from your backend platform.

Location Services

Another advanced and very useful feature of AgentMate is the use of location based services. The application has complete 3D map integration which allows the user to obtain advantages of location based services including but not limited to finding the nearest agent location, ATM and bank branches. In addition, it play a part in geofencing, and various security features at time of transaction processing.

Security Features via IMSI and IMEI

International Mobile Sim Identification (IMSI) and International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) are both available as features for login and transactional security. If a SIM is changed or if the handset is changed, it will have the ability to reject a transaction.

Camera Integration

AgentMate incorporates native camera support which uses the smartphone’s built in camera for various functions such as account opening, scanning QR Codes and barcodes, and leaves the door open for future integrations.

Account Opening

Using the native camera support, AgentMate facilitates account opening fulfilling necessary KYC requirements. This offers the users quick and easy registration, meeting regulatory compliance for mobile money account opening. AgentMate captures the user’s image, ID, and signature for complete verification and the image is posted on the server as a separate process and in a compressed format making the overall process very efficient.

Cash Management

AgentMate will be able to monitor physical cash activities of an agent. Our solution can keep track of cash for the overall agent network and can leverage better cash management by coupling this functionality with the already described location service.


The application supports many state of the art encryption schemes including 3-DES and transmits data in a secure way to its server over Secure Socket Layer (SSL). The data is encrypted by the application before being sent over SSL thus allowing 2 layers of encryption to make financial data transmission very secure.