Your Entire Wallet in your app

Use Bank Accounts / Cards, loyalty, travel cards for all types of transactions, financial and info

M – Ticketing platform, to store airline and travel tickets, with proprietary push platform

Merchant Payments via NFC

• Merchant Payments via NFC
• Supports both smartphones and feature phones with NFC tags
• NFC tags can be scanned via AgentMate or by NFC terminals


Bill Payment Module covers utility bills, credit card bills, mobile bills etc.

Funds transfer module i.e IBFT, intra bank

Use mobile to make retail payments

• Quick Pay Feature allows for users to store payments and make with one click
• Special Payments, like airline tickets etc.
• Online Payments with phone authentication

Social Media - The New Marketing

• Connect to Facebook, twitter, etc
• Information and social marketing is the most cost effective way to market without huge spends
• Facebook timelines updated when you use app to check in, pay, etc
• Merchants can offer deals to facebook directly, allowing for viral marketing of Bank’s app

Location Based Services

• Find locations of interest based on current location
• Filters on distance and type of location
• Find, restaurants, shops, merchants, ATM’s, branches
• Get Driving Directions
• Geo – Fencing with Push Coupons. e.g. When near a location, you’ll get a push with coupon

Deals and Loyalty

• Find Deals and Discounts per location or by brand
• Deal management available per card type, or loyalty

• Have customers use their phones to make retail payments in an ultra-secure manner
• Offer customers loyalty programs that are redeemable at retail, via catalogue or as air time

Information Services

• Mini-Statements, credit card statements etc.
• Dynamic context mechanism available
• Order checkbook, stop payment, and other services available