SendPesa is a USSD based, multi-operator and mutli-bank mobile banking platform. This service allows banks to penetrate the mobile financial services industry and provide an alternate channel for payments. There is compelling evidence which suggests that a service for the banked segment presents an excellent opportunity for growing Person to Person (P2P) revenues. SendPesa is a mass market service catering to domestic and international remittances.

What is SendPesa?

SendPesa allows a customer to conduct a variety of mobile financial transactions in real time - all the while choosing from any of their linked financial accounts from multiple financial entities. This can be configured either before, or during a transaction. This allows them to truly digitize their wallet. SendPesa is designed and implemented to meet all bank and carrier grade requirements. SendPesa is an alternate delivery channel and not a switch. It connects to the banks middleware using their existing payment solution, switches and settlement procedures.

SendPesa is a Mobile Money Solution enabling customers to use their mobiles for:

  • Mobile Banking
  • Closed loop funds transfer to other users of the system via multiple bank accounts

Mobile Banking

SendPesa mobile banking solution gives users a service which is easy to understand which in turn enables financial business to be carried out irrespective of time and place. This method of payment offers mobile users full control of their finances while on the move.

Funds Transfer

SendPesa facilitates Intra-Bank and Inter-Bank funds transfer (lBFT) using its integration with banking middleware. Onward transactions for interbank funds transfer can be routed via switches, Visa, MasterCard or other remittance options.


The top up functionality allows the user to purchase mobile airtime. Mobile top up is provisioned in real time and the payment is deducted from the user's linked account instantaneously.

Mini Statement

Mobile Banking customers can view their mini statements from any of their accounts. Customers will be able to view his/her last 5 transactions pertaining to their accounts within respective banks.

Bill Payment

SendPesa facilitates a multitude of public and private sector bill payments. These payments can be made via banks existing systems or 3rd party billing systems.

Retail Payment

Mobile Banking customers can easily pay for their retail purchases directly from their mobile banking service at participating retailers.

Balance Check

The balance check functionality will allow the users to check their balance of their accounts in real time.

Closed Loop Service


  • Users will not be asked to input account numbers for recipients.
  • It’s a safe, secure and quick way of transferring money
  • SendPesa allows for international and domestic remittances

Product Features

Registration for the Service

Subscribers will be able to register via a short code for the service. The registration process is just a 2-step process whereby the customer will dial a short code; select his/her bank, and enter his/her ID. The registration process is customizable.

Registering with the Banks and Linking Accounts

Using the SendPesa service, customers can link multiple accounts (Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Branchless Banking accounts, regular accounts, pre-paid cards etc.) from different banks, to use in run time, giving an unparalleled flexibility to mobile banking. To link an account, each customer will have to follow the individual bank’s KYC and processes to register for the service.

Access Channels

The proposed service will run via USSD 2.0. The service can be offered from a number of different channels via i8MicroBank, such as but not limited to:

  • SMS
  • Application (iOS, Android, Windows, RIM)
  • STK / DSTK
  • Mobile Web
  • Hardware Devices (POS, ATM, etc.)
  • Web and other online interfaces

Salient Features

  • Real time processing and settlement
  • Advanced customer relationship management (CRM) service portals for banks, mobile operators, and others
  • Advanced User and role management definition portals
  • Complaint management systems, with escalation, and definable TAT’s
  • Dispute resolution systems
  • Advanced Reconciliation and reporting
  • Integration with banking middleware
  • Session based charging for USSD



The service employs industry standard security techniques to prevent disclosure of sensitive data and to avoid malicious attacks at all levels. Main Security features of the service are:

  • No financial information is transmitted over public internet
  • All sensitive data resides behind the bank’s firewall
  • PCI-DSS Compliant
  • Whole host of other security measures


SendPesa service is designed in a way that it focuses on different engineering techniques for developing and maintaining a system whose reliability can be quantitatively evaluated.


SendPesa service is highly scalable and is designed to provide high availability, configured with Load Management. SendPesa is a Carrier Grade service designed to meet superior standards and provides very fast fault recovery.


Sendpesa provides 100 % flexibility to integrate with any third party system and compliance with latest business regulations. The service has the ability to adapt to possible or future changes and system design easily caters for the changes which inevitably arrive in the future.